2020.09.01「cafe The SUN LIVES HERE FACTORY」 商店建築 掲載

2020.07.01「Yama」 商店建築 掲載

2020.05.25 projects cafe The SUN LIVES HERE FACTORY

2020.01.30 projects tytto

2020.01.20「GO TODAY SHAiRE SALON Yokohama」FRAME 掲載

2020.01.05「GO TODAY SHAiRE SALON Yokohama」ArchDaily 掲載

2019.12.10「GO TODAY SHAiRE SALON Yokohama」Behance Architecture Category Futured

2019.11.16 projects GO TODAY SHAiRE SALON Yokohama

2019.10.22「Yama」 Behance Architecture Category Futured

2019.09.27 projects BDC PILATES Ebisu Studio

2019.08.23 projects Yama

2019.06.27 projects 日立の住宅

2019.02.01「GO TODAY SHAiRE SALON」 商店建築 掲載