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Startups are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. These companies need to account for agile relocations. Rather than focusing bottom-up and adjusting for the electrical, water and air conditioning equipment, this office space was changed with a focus on fixtures and furnishings only.. Respecting the natural location, this space itself was not meddled with, but rather considered only as a base for building on top.


The first office for “Zens”, which conducts a management agency service for Airbnb hosts as well as providing furnishing and renovation service, will become a base for receiving domestic and international clients, various corporations focusing on the growth of Airbnb in Japan and guests that use the Airbnb lodgings. For the sake of their future growth and differentiation, Zens needed a unique office space.


As the previous Tokyo Art Room flagship site managed by Zens had its concept and design evaluated by both Airbnb founders, the new office space aims to inherit the strengths of the previous space while also including new features and functions. For hardware fixtures, we hired hardware experts at an early stage. For woodworking and interior design, we hired interior design contractors that deal with the construction for managed real estate. We hired these specialists with the belief that if passion for the project is not only limited to the corporations and designers but also takes hold in the craftspersons. With this in mind an even better and more amazing space could be produced. The design proceeded while considering each aspect of the construction process.


For the interior, only the element which would have the largest impact has been changed, the flooring,. Everything else in the office has a simple structure, built with combinations of  basic materials; steel and plywood.
For the partitioning of the reception and work space, steel sliding doors were used as symbolic divisions - this allowed for the use of light while only dividing the room when necessary. It’s inspired by Japanese traditional room divider “Shoji”.


For the office of this young company, which deals with the rapidly-expanding Airbnb service, we brought in symbolic features of Japanese architecture. I hope that this office will become the base of Zens’ mission of “Enriching Japan through increased global contact, communication and understanding”.






以前に設計した、zensが運営する旗艦物件である「Tokyo Art Room」はAirbnb共同創業者からもそのコンセプトやデザインを評価されるものであったため、企業の強みとしてその要素を継承し、さらに新しいオフィスに必要とされる機能を組み込んでいる。







ゼンス オフィス



設計 CANOMA 横山信介
施工 ハコリ フィール

Zens Office

Location: Harajuku Tokyo